Construction process

Real estate, photovoltaics and administrative proceedings.

Property-related legal issues do not come down only to the partition of property or verification of the contents of a Land and Mortgage Register against the actual legal status. Apart from that, we offer comprehensive legal services regarding all of our clients’ problems which occur during the implementation of an investment project.

We represent both economic entities in disputes concerning the valuation of real property and individual clients in cases related to payments for utility easement (gas pipelines, water pipe network) or damages for non-agreed usage of property. Few people know perfectly well the specificity of administrative proceedings. We offer support in proceedings concerning the ascertainment of lengthiness or failure to act by authorities. As a result, we also offer our clients representation before common courts in cases concerning damages for illegal exercise of official authority.

We also represent our clients in a number of administrative proceedings before administrative authorities from the moment of notice till the Supreme Administrative Court’s report of discrepancy of judgement with the European Union’s regulations. Issues concerning the ownership of real property refer not only to the issue of easement. We have successfully closed many cases before the Supreme Administrative Court of Poland and Provincial Administrative Courts. We know perfectly the specificity of proceedings in the scope of real property issues.

We represent clients before the Land and Mortgage Register Court. We set in order applications for entry in the Land and Mortgage Register. Our German language skills allow us to analyse archival German land and mortgage registers (GrundBuch). We have experience in representing different clients in various configurations. We retrieve forgotten real property (following complicated inheritance proceedings of many generations), and also ascertain acquisitive prescription for other clients. We are familiar with the specificity of expropriation proceedings. We conduct proceedings concerning local land development plans. We are up to date with specialist literature, including legal and technical, concerning technological novelties, such as the construction of photovoltaic panels.