Interlegal’s origins go back to 1983, when several French lawyers decided to start international cooperation to address the growing needs of their clients. In 1987 in Lisbon, lawyers from Spain, the Netherlands, Portugal, England, France, Italy and Germany created the “North-South Network” organization. Soon Danish, Algerian, Belgian and Moroccan legal professionals expressed their desire to join it. In 1988 “Eurojurist” was established in Paris. The Eurojurist Network was established in 1994 in view of the ever-growing need for cooperation with non-European countries. It was renamed Interlegal in 1996. The number of members of the organization and its geographical coverage have been growing ever since. Nowadays, it has more than thirty members in Europe and America.

Interlegal is a network of professional law firms with similar goals. These firms provide professional law services both for large corporations and small companies, and the range of their activities is very wide.

In view of the fact that the business world is constantly evolving, and international transactions have become commonplace for companies around the world, regardless of the scope and nature of their activities, Interlegal offers a wide range of legal services adapted to the customers’ needs and to conditions specific to a given market.

Companies associated in Interlegal are engaged in a close cooperation and provide their clients with an opportunity to benefit from the knowledge and experience of lawyers who specialize in various fields of law: company law, tax, commercial and labour law, real estate and intellectual property law, mediation and arbitration, as well as licences, technologies and bankruptcy law.

The way Interlegal operates allows us to offer lawers’ services at competitive prices. It is worth noting that all problems are approached individually, and all Interlegal members strive to find the most effective way of solving them. Interlegal’s activities are based on complete trust and commitment, which are necessary for any type of cooperation.