More than 30 years’ experience and more than 50 years of tradition in providing legal services.
The tradition of the Law Chambers goes back to 1950. Władysław Kukulski became an attorney in November 1950 and worked in Law Firm No. 4 in Katowice. His brother, Stanisław Kukulski, followed in his footsteps and joined the Silesian attorneys’ team 8 years later. That is why the year 1958 marked for us the beginning of a generation-spanning tradition.

In 1985 Paweł Koehler became a member of the Katowice bar association. Before that, Andrzej Rak, his future partner, started his career in Mikołów, continuing the tradition established by his father, Marian Rak.

Andrzej Rak and Paweł Koehler established a civil partnership in 1992 – that year Law Chambers were officially established as a modern model of the legal profession. When solving the legal problems of our customers in the modern world we combine the traditional ethics of the lawyers’ profession with the energy of the younger generation.

KOEHLER RAK & PARTNERS Law Chambers is a partnership with a rich history and extensive experience. It was formed as a result of subsequent transformations of businesses run by its partners in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Due to the political and economic transformation which took place at that time, it became imperative to create a firm with a large staff and substantially expanded infrastructure.

Our firm has been active in the market of legal services for 30 years. The partnership was originally established in 1992 by attorney Paweł Koehler and legal counsel Andrzej Rak. However, before establishing the partnership each of them had already practised the profession individually for several years as lawyers, and in the case of Andrzej Rak, also as a judge. Numerous talented lawyers have worked in Law Chambers, and now they pursue their careers individually. However, the core of the firm is a tight-knit permanent team whose members have been working together for over ten years.

Unfortunatelly, on May 2 our long-term partner Andrzej Rak passed away prematurely.

For 10 years we have cooperated with attorney Szymon Koehler, who in 2014 became our partner. For 5 years we have also cooperated on a permanent basis with attorney Żaneta Krupnik-Koehler.