When solving our clients’ problems we act in accordance with the principle of cooperation of both partners, which allows us to capture even the smallest details of the case and identify all possible solutions to a given problem. In the Law Chambers partners act together for the client’s benefit, unlike in some law firms, where the only purpose of keeping a large team is to reduce costs. Naturally, only one specific person is responsible for each client’s case. That person has a comprehensive and continuous understanding of the development of the case and of the concept used to manage it, and is supported by colleagues. Other co-workers are, however, familiar with at least some of the more important aspects of the case. This allows us to avoid a decrease in the quality of service in the case of unplanned or temporary absence of the specialist responsible for a case. Furthermore, joint consultations on a solution to a case substantially improve the effectiveness of our actions and allow everyone to gain new experience, not just the person in charge of the case.

In view of the enormous increase in the number of new laws and the development of the practice it is only natural that our experts focus on certain types of cases and leave others to their partners. Therefore, keeping in mind that narrow specialization limits the perception of the crux of the matter and of all its consequences, both partners, thanks to their previous experience, have become more familiar with certain areas of law. For instance, attorney Paweł Koehler specializes mainly in property and real estate trading law, antitrust legislation, protection of copyrights and trademarks and unfair competition laws; attorney Szymon Koehler is a specialist not only in Copyright but also is experienced in pharmaceutical law, new technologies, computer programs, he also cooperates with foreigners. Both of them have achieved numerous successes in administrative and court proceedings. Another important aspect of our activities is supporting the professional growth of young lawyers.

We select our partners very carefully, and in recent years we have worked with many talented, sometimes even outstanding, law graduates and trainees. Our  colleagues and partners make every effort to pass on their experience to them and to teach them the principles of the profession, sparing no time or effort to ensure that their work quality is as high as possible. Some of them still work with the Law Chambers, while others have become independent and have started their own law firms or pursue careers in other legal professions. Our partners are still open to various forms of cooperation with talented and competent young lawyers, and are not afraid to share with them their own experience. This is where they see an opportunity for the continued growth of the firm and further benefits for our clients.