Law Chambers

Law Chambers are a combination of the power of a several dozen years of experience with the energy of youth. At the Law Chambers we work with the traditional ethics connected with our profession, which result from the fact that our traditions go back to 1958.

Law Chambers are focused on providing lawyers’ services for economic operators representing a variety of economic sectors, in which we have gained rich experience over the past years. This experience justifies the services we offer.

The main areas of our specialization and interests are: civil and economic law, general corporate law, real estate law, copyright law, trademark law, medical law, transport law, administrative law, labour law, property and business insurance law, social insurance law and other related areas of substantive law, including tax, customs and foreign currency law, as well as antitrust law, and unfair competition law.

Proficient use of foreign languages (English and German) by our lawyers is unquestionable support when rendering our services. Thanks to this, we are able to directly service foreign customers. We can also use sign language. Experience gathered over many years allows us to offer customers the highest quality service with the belief that our knowledge may also prove useful in your business, especially if you intend to expand.

We are a member of the Interlegal Association, a global network of law firms with which we closely and actively collaborate, and owing to which we are able to provide lawyers’ support practically worldwide.

Thanks to our active participation in the global Interlegal network we can contact the contractors of our foreign clients without any problems, since all of the foreign lawyers associated in Interlegal are our friends with whom we meet personally at least once a year.